A Chocolate Cake


My absolute favourite treat. It’s simple yet simply divine xD a moist chocolate cake smothered in chocolate buttercream frosting drizzled with melted chocolate….. Just writing this is making my mouth water!

Such a cake can be ordered in many flavours – ask and you shall receive as they say 😀

May I present…

So this is my first post on here and hopefully the start of wonderful things to come! 😀 So right now, I’m on my summer break and have figured that there simply must be something exciting and fun to do, and well, I have a HUGE LOVE for pastry *gushes and grins ridiculously* ^.^ Alas:

summer + pastry love ❤ = custom made dessert business 

Okay, “custom made dessert business” is a little verbose so I present to you…


For three months I am offering an opportunity to have your dessert dream fulfilled, from eclairs bursting with creme patisserie to a pastel palette of macarons to luscious moist cakes topped with an airy yet rich buttercream… I offer you a canvas and I will make the picture.

Any enquiries, please contact me at:

email      stayub@me.com 
mobile    07773548265

Please note that, currently, I am only able to cater for those in Leicestershire, England. 🙂